Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am loving online classes!

For the last couple of years I have been delving into online art courses.  I was at first hesitant because I was always more of a hands on in person art class sort of girl.  I can't tell you how enriching these experiences have been for me; so if you haven't tried this yet give it a try - it's awesome.

In 2012 I took an online course with Flora Bowley who's book I had just devoured and loved so much, I knew I couldn't get to one of her fabulous workshops so I tried her online workshops! What a surprise!  The class was very intensive, with daily vimeo videos, homework, feedback via a private facebook page for students.  The class and all videos were generously held open for 1 year so you could go back and work through the course or do the excercises over and over if you wanted. Please use the link below to visit Flora's site Brave Intuitive Living to see her gorgeous art and experience her philosophy about creativity and life.

Through Flora's Facebook group I met the very lovely Pauline Agnew - a lovely talented Irish artist and teacher and I had a great class with her this summer.  Pauline's class was even more wonderful because our online group really bonded through the Facebook page.  There was a great group, literally from around the globe, supporting and encouraging each others work - just fabulous!  I am including a link here to Pauline 's site Seedbed Studio - please visit and consider taking one of her fabulous e-courses and friend her on Facebook. I cannot stress enough how much taking Pauline's class feels like an actual in person experience, her warmth, charm and personality shines right through the camera and with the online support - you actually feel like you have made a new friend!

I am currently taking yet ANOTHER online class with Timothy Adams of Handmadology called Build a Better Creative Business - this is something I seriously need folks!  I would stay in the studio all day and make beautiful things but I am not the worlds best and marketing myself so I am trying to learn.  What a great class!  This guy is a genius at creative business building and has brought in the top names in the online selling game to share secrets - I highly recommend his site for free tips, courses and tutorials.  He even has books out about Etsy Marketing, one of which is by my side all the time lately calle How to Make Money using Etsy - A Guide to the Online Marketplace for Crafts and Handmade Products. Visit Tim Adams online at Handmadology for tips, courses and information about marketing your handmade and creative work.

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