Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Etsy Teasers....

Here are some of my newest pendants. 

I have become completely obesessed with the process of drawing mini paintings with prismacolors onto copper pendants.  All of the pendants in this in this line feature a textured back tag in copper or nu-gold (a brass alloy that looks like 14K without the price) and hang on textured copper or brass chains (sealed) with hand crafted clasps.  I am working on a tutorial for this technique that I promise to post at an upcoming date (very soon!).


  1. I LOVE these. They make me hyperventilate!!!

  2. I am really digging that one on the top... now if only I had some disposable income....
    Unemployed Girl

  3. Keep Checking In - My re-launch date is October 25 and I am planning to have monthly give aways....stay tuned for details <3