Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Create Fearlessly in A Perfectionist Society



All kidding aside, what does it really mean to create fearlessly?  Being able to create without fear is being able to firstly be kind to ourselves. To leave our judgments at the studio door, to allow our childlike wonder to be free to imagine the possibilities that are ours to create.   When we give ourselves the permission to try something completely new we can open doorways to expanded horizons.

Creating a place in our hearts to be kind and non-judgmental is crucial to creativity and something I insist on in my art classes; whether you are working in a group or alone this is of upmost importance.  You should be kindest and least judgmental of yourself, something that is so difficult for many of us. Approaching any artistic endeavor with this outlook will allow you to be empowered to fully explore the many options and simple joy of creative play and experimentation that is critical to any developing artist.


When you are approaching your project, embrace your ability to allow your ideas to freely flow.  Having decided upon a non-judgmental sacred space we can take away the burden of “wrong”, “bad”, “I messed it up”.  Have you ever watched a very young child do a watercolor or tempera painting?  They joyfully dip their brush into the colors and paint happily away. They become completely immersed in the task and don’t give a second thought to the finished work; in many cases they have not thought that far ahead.  They are completely immersed and engaged in the process of painting, they have no expectations and therefore – no limitations.  They are in a clear and unencumbered in a completely creative, intuitive mindset.


While you are at your work it is very easy to find your groove, your niche or “thing you do” and do well. To make creative leaps and bounds you need to push the edges of your comfort zone and push those edges regularly. When it gets too easy it’s time to shake things up a little, if this scares you, that’s good! It means you are approaching the edge of your comfort zone and that can be a little un-comfortable. Some of your greatest breakthroughs will come at the edges of the comfort zone. Push past these and you will be free of the fear that is holding you back from your highest potential Does any of this sound strangely like life?

So go to your studio or co-create with a friend, do it in a non-judgmental creative sacred space.  Give yourself permission to be more childlike in your wonderful ideas and push your edges – you will surely grow as an artist.  Any life lessons taken beyond the studio doors are entirely up to you.
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